What people say about us

“Chislehurst Healthcare came to my rescue when my own health problems meant I could no longer give my husband the care he needed at home. Elle and her team went to great lengths to provide live-in care at very short notice, making every effort to get to know us and determine our specific needs. We both felt totally comfortable with the carers living in our home. All were genuinely kind and considerate, providing excellent care while also supporting me in domestic matters. I have no hesitation in recommending the company.”

Mrs E Battarbee (Wife)

Feb 2024

“…..I would like to repeat that I could not be happier with the care I receive from Chislehurst Healthcare.”

Mrs M Bell (Client)

Jan 2024

“At Chislehurst Healthcare, the care my mother receives surpasses anything I’ve encountered elsewhere. They offer invaluable support and guidance during what can be an overwhelming and unfamiliar journey. I never feel alone; they’re always there to lend an ear or offer assistance.”

M Doherty (Son)

Jan 2024

“Thank you so much for your kindness and care that you showed our Dad. The moments you shared with him were amazing.”

Sandra, Wendy & Linda (Daughters)

March 2023

“I’ve partnered with the Chislehurst Healthcare team and have been nothing but astonished at their professionalism. Their ethos and genuine care for this community is incredible. More specifically, working with their founder has shown me just why they are where they are – Elle’s business acumen is second to none.”

Jonathon de Maid | Partner - jdm Estate Agents

Feb 2022

“We have lived in Chislehurst for nearly 30 years and my husband and I are both pensioners. Hearing about Chislehurst Healthcare opened a lot of excitement, it is such a brilliant and needed concept, especially because of the pandemic. Having a local high quality  healthcare provider to support you  in the comfort of your home with local community knowledge is just amazing.”

Ann & Steve - Local residents

Feb 2021​

“We have known the founder Elle for over 10 years and worked side by side in support of common charity & philanthropic causes, we find her to be a unique, vibrant, elegant, kind and professional leader. We are in agreement as a team that the most significant attribute of Elle is her positive energy. We are looking forward to Chislehurst Healthcare.”

The Management Team - Annabel's Chislehurst Luxury English Gifts

Dec 2020

“A refreshing and valuable business situated in the heart of Chislehurst, serving directly to its local and surrounding community. Coming at a timely period as founded during the pandemic, it is a much welcomed service for both the residents and business community.Having known and dealt with the Founder/CEO within the Chislehurst community for more than a decade, it is both inspiring and encouraging because, apart from a good understanding of Chislehurst, she has always demonstrated an attitude of kindness, courteousness, attentiveness & devotion.“

Clare Herriot - Ex CEO of Chislehurst Business Group

April 2021